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Hi! I am a game and interaction designer from Brooklyn, NY.

My work focusses on finding creative solutions to communication problems ranging from graphic design to game design, focussing on the experience of her end user. I am a fan of human centred design, which has not only helped me focus on the needs of my clients, but more specifically the varying needs of my end users.

Working with scientists, NGO’s, and renowned educational institutes both independently and as co-founder and Narrative Strategist at Antidote Games, I have had to rethink and adapted my design strategy to communicate with a diverse group of international users. Some of my memorable design challenges range from helping farmers in Indonesia better understand how to adapt to climate change, sharing the risks of Malaria and Dengue with Kenyan tribes, and helping the urban American youth empathize with wrongfully convicted prisoners.

I had an unconventional childhood, growing up on a slew of cargo ships, occasionally catching frogs in obscure Iranian ports, and learning to ride a bicycle on a ship sailing the Pacific Ocean. After 5 years of working in film-making in Mumbai, blogging about adventures driving Mustangs in the Indian desert, moonlighting at a dive shop, and making costumes for editorial fashion spreads, I eventually settled on design with an MFA  in Design + Technology from Parsons, NY.

After two years at Parsons, I travelled through Asia and Africa researching design, communication and the use of play to enhance interaction and content retention. I firmly believe in giving back to the design community, I am one of the co-creators of Facets, an interdisciplinary creative coding, interactive art, and videogames un-conference in New York. I am also a member of the Code Liberation Foundation, an organization offering free programming classes to help more women create video games. I am also a supporting member of Project Continua, an on-going multimedia resource and archive dedicated to the creation and preservation of women’s intellectual history. I am also one of the organizers of Lost Levels, a radically-casual “unconference” picnic about games and play that is free and is hyper-inclusive of the diversity within games. Previously, I was also one of the co-organizers of the games track at the Allied Media Conference in 2015.

I believe storytelling and good design will save the world one day, and I am constantly exploring new ways to better tell the stories all around us. I’d love to hear from you!

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