Mohini Dutta


My practice is built on accessible knowledge and skill sharing. I teach my students to engage ethically and honestly with the world around them using design and technology.

Writing & Research


Contributor | New Approaches to Promoting Flexible and Forward-looking Decision Making Insights from Complexity Science, Climate Change Adaptation and ‘Serious Gaming’
◇  ODI | Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance
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Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center as part for the Partners for Resilience alliance of Non-Profits

This is a brief report on the 20 days spent in Indonesia and Philippines. Our goals were to introduce games as a means of communication and education to the participating members of Partners for Resilience (PfR) in the region. Additionally, we wanted to isolate topics of interest to develop into games moving forward with support from CDKN. 

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School of Art, Media, & Technology
Design & Technology Department,

Adjunct; Fall 2016

FALL 2016

BFA Core Studio - Game Environments

This studio course looks closely at the process by which virtual environments inform gameplay; here, we define gameplay as the sum total of narrative, conceptual, and emotional content that inform the holistic experience of a game. The goal of the course is to provide students with a diverse set of tools with which to interrogate game development while providing a socially relevant context for their work.

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School of Art, Media, & Technology
Design & Technology Department,
Adjunct; Fall 2018

FALL 2018

MFA | Major Studio *upcoming


Syracuse University 

School of Visual & Performing Arts
Department of Transmedia,
Visiting Professor, 2017-2018

FALL 2017

Introduction to Electronic Objects for Art

What does it mean to interact with the world using electronics as artists? Students constructed physical interfaces while considering the context of physical spaces and the politics of spatiality. 

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Introduction to Programming and Networked Art

This course will introduce students to the building blocks of creative programming within a visual media environment. Students will learn the techniques behind creating dynamic images, type, and interfaces. Through weekly problems, students will learn programming fundamentals that translate to virtually all programming platforms and that will later be paired with various other methods for creative output.

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Big Games for City Spaces

Using games and play to reimagine our relationship to cities and in doing so, explore our relationship to the world. Students delved into the past and present while speculating on the future of cities, using the city of Syracuse as both muse and canvas. Using Syracuse as our model, students constructed a speculative narrative of the city, with the challenges of the present, and the future loom sharply over us.

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Studio: Interconnected Studio

What does it mean to make art in a networked media age? At a time when the lines between creators and consumers are blurred, as the mediums of consuming content keep getting smaller –aka mobile phones, we must consider our roles as creators of transmedia, or multi-modal content. Understanding the role of storyteller, collaborator, of content creator, viral marketer and finally, of arbiter of information, are more essential than ever.

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